Guitar Soli

Robbie Basho

Guitar Soli
  • CAT # TAKCD-8902-25

    1. Seal Of The Blue Lotus 7:34
    2. Mountain Man's Farewell 8:34
    3. Dravidian Sunday 6:32
    4. The Grail And The Lotus 6:00
    5. The Dharma Prince 10:00
    6. Oriental Love Song 5:56
    7. Sansara In Sweetness After Sandstorm 6:05
    8. Salangadou 4:12
    9. Golden Shamrock 8:40
    10. Street Dakini 6:28
    11. Chung Mei - The Chinese Orchid 8:08

The debt that modern guitarist composers owe to the late Robbie Basho can hardly be overstated. Though Fahey invented the genre and Kottke proved its marketability, it was Basho's technique, vision, and self-image that resonated most strongly with Will Ackerman and the so-called New Age guitar movement he founded. It's a crime Basho's music hasn't been available on record for many years. Now older guitar fans can welcome back an old friend and newer ones can learn where it all came from on this beautifully edited CD of Basho's "greatest hits."

Seal of the Blue Lotus, Mountain Man's Farewell, Dravidian Sunday, The Grail and the Lotus, The Dharma Prince, Oriental Love Song, Sansara in Sweetness after Sandstorm, Salangadou, The Golden Shamrock, Street Dakini, Chung Mei–The Chinese Orchid

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