Have No Fear, Joe Turner Is Here

Joe Turner

Have No Fear Joe Turner Is Here
  • CAT # OJCCD-905-25

    1. Rocks In My Bed 6:06
    2. So Long 2:54
    3. Howlin' Wind 8:55
    4. Woman You Must Be Crazy 8:38
    5. How Come My Dog Don't Bark 11:22

Surrounded by treasured colleagues from the blues milieu in which he spent his life, Joe Turner lavishes his big voice and big soul on songs by Woody Guthrie and Duke Ellington, and three of his own. It is unlikely that any singer got closer to the aching bone of Ellington's "Rocks in My Bed" or the devastation of Guthrie's "So Long." "Howlin' Wind" is in the great Turner rhythm and blues tradition that for years had him shouting out of jukeboxes across the country and made him one of the most beloved figures the music has produced. "Woman You Must Be Crazy" and "How Come My Dog Don't Bark" encompass some of his most colorful of love and loss. Guitarist Pee Wee Crayton is the best known musician in the supporting cast that includes four horns and a forthright rhythm section.

with Bobby Smith, Bill Clark, Hollis Gilmore, Joe Banks, Lloyd Glenn, Pee Wee Crayton, Evan Walker, Bill Walker, Charles Randall, Frederick Woods

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