Heart And Soul

Teddy Edwards

Heart And Soul
  • CAT # OJCCD-177-25

    1. Smokin' 6:08
    2. No Regrets 4:48
    3. Secret Love 5:33
    4. Little Steddy 6:08
    5. Wiggin' 6:27
    6. A Bag Of Blues 6:22
    7. Heart And Soul 5:15

Teddy Edwards, a vital presence on the Los Angeles scene for more than five decades, has been heard on countless albums as leader or sideman, but in this set he is in excellent company and in top form. An unusual aspect is the appearance of pianist Gerald Wiggins switching to organ. Edwards's tenor sound has been influential; it was said at one time that he was a source of inspiration for Sonny Rollins. Here, playing both major and minor blues and a couple of standards, he is variously lyrical, soulful, and hard-driving according to the requirements of the tunes.

with Gerry Wiggins, Leroy Vinnegar, Milt Turner

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