Heartache Looking For A Home

Charlie Sizemore

Heartache Looking For A Home
  • CAT # 11661-0657-25

    1. Down In The Quarter 2:14
    2. Red Wicked Wine 2:38
    3. No Lawyers In Heaven 3:01
    4. Heartache Looking For A Home 1:58
    5. Feelin' Like El Paso 2:58
    6. Slow Goin' 2:36
    7. Walking The Floor Over Me 2:22
    8. I Don't Remember Loving You 3:39
    9. Poor Rambler 3:01
    10. Ashley Judd 2:06
    11. Fords Of Pittman 2:48
    12. Pay No Attention To Alice 3:16
    13. Going To Georgia 2:03
    14. Crossing Over Into The Valley 2:47

From his youthful apprenticeship in Ralph Stanley's Clinch Mountain Boys, Charlie Sizemore has been making bluegrass that is distinctive, exciting, and enduring in its appeal. This east Kentucky native, has only grown deeper and more mature in his musical scope and in the uniqueness of his vocal style. Here Sizemore serves up his finest session yet: great choice of material, great line-up of musicians, and his own sense of melancholy, of humor, and of bluegrass music meant to last.

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