Heavenly Light

Swan Silvertones

Heavenly Light
  • CAT # SPCD-7044-25

    1. Jesus Is All The World To Me 6:47
    2. Love Lifted Me 2:41
    3. I'm Sealed 2:48
    4. How I Got Over 2:51
    5. Have Thine Own Way, Lord 2:59
    6. Shine On Me 4:16
    7. Heavenly Light Shine On Me 2:30
    8. Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross 2:37
    9. He Won't Deny Me 2:25
    10. Every Day And Every Hour 2:56
    11. Four And Twenty Elders 2:25
    12. Shine On Me 2:42
    13. Shine On Me/i Came To Jesus
    14. My Rock 2:57
    15. The Lord's Prayer 3:24
    16. Sit Down Servant/amen
    17. I'm Coming Home 2:58
    18. After Awhile 2:46

Prior to their debut recording session for Specialty Records in 1952, label owner Art Rupe advised the Swan Silvertones to “really shout and make everybody happier and make the old sisters fall out and really tear down the building!!!” The Swans, often regarded as a “smooth” quartet, were in stylistic transition during the three years they spent at Specialty and the company succeeded in bringing out their harder, churchier edge. The 18 selections herein were never before released. Eight were recorded in the studio, ten in front of live audiences, all capturing the famous group shouting and testifying as it hadn’t before or since.

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