Hildegard von Bingen: Celestial Light


Hildegard von Bingen Celestial Light
  • CAT # 80456-25

    1. Hildegard: O lucidissima 5:48
    2. Novi sideris Lumen respenduit 3:43
    3. O cruor sanguinis 1:39
    4. Deus misertus hominis 5:14
    5. O tu illustrata 6:36
    6. Flos ut rosa floruit 2:29
    7. Hildegard: O viridissima virga 4:16
    8. From the Circling Wheel: I. Song to the Creator (O verbum Patris) 5:55
    9. From the Circling Wheel: II. Song of the Virgin to her Son (O fili dilectissime) 5:18
    10. From the Circling Wheel: III. Song to the Virgin (O Magna res) 4:56
    11. Nunc gaudeant 2:47
    12. O eterne deus 2:41
    13. Ave Maris stella 4:43
    14. O nobilissima viriditas 6:59

Telarc presents a world premiere recording of vocal motets by a contemporary composer in medieval style.

Delivering the motets are the riveting and multi-cultural women’s vocal ensemble, Tapestry , which debuted for Telarc on the disc Angeli. Tapestry was founded in 1994 by director Laurie Monahan, who was also co-founder of Ensemble Projects Ars Nova (P.A.N.) and collaborator in the recordings of Hildegard’s music by Sequentia, in the 1980’s.

Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179), mystic and visionary, was renowned even in her own era as a unique figure. Her writings were endorsed by the Pope, and she founded her own convent in 1148. She profoundly believed her visions were of divine origin, a gift from God; her words and music recount her revelations during these experiences.

Composer Robert Kyr was commissioned by Tapestry to write From the Circling Wheel (1997), a cycle of motets on three texts by Hildegard for which none of her music has survived: I. Song to the Creator; II. Song of the Virgin to Her Son (upon his Death and Resurrection); and III. Song to the Virgin. Each of the motets has been set in English (translations by the composer), and each deals with a different aspect of creation as it related to the idea of a circling wheel.

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