• CAT # STXCD-8626-25

    1. A Long Road Ahead 3:01
    2. My Baby Specializes 3:17
    3. Things Get Better 2:31
    4. We Can Love 2:24
    5. All We Really Want To Do 2:54
    6. It's Been A Long Time Coming 2:21
    7. Just Plain Beautiful 2:12
    8. Everybody Loves A Winner 4:49
    9. Look What We Have Found 2:59
    10. Piece Of My Heart 4:25
    11. A Right Now Love 2:25
    12. I've Just Been Feeling Bad 2:54
    13. Dirty Old Man 2:37
    14. Get Ourselves Together 2:30
    15. Pour Your Love On Me 2:46
    16. Hard To Say Goodbye 2:40

Long before the term “roots music” entered the American musical lexicon, there was the music of Delaney & Bonnie. In the late 1960s, singer/guitarist/songwriter/producer Delaney Bramlett (b. 1939), and his then-wife, singer-songwriter Bonnie Bramlett (b. 1944), cooked up a flavorful stew of rock ‘n’ roll, blues, country, gospel, and roadhouse R&B. But the duo’s specialty was deep-fried Southern soul, and they came to the right address—Memphis—to record most of Home, their superlative second album.

Backed by such heavyweights as Booker T. & the MGs, the Memphis Horns, vocalist-songwriter William Bell, and keyboard aces/future superstars Isaac Hayes and Leon Russell, Delaney & Bonnie were completely in their element. Whether singing solo or harmonizing in a way that was at once gritty and self-assured, D&B were at their peak on such stirring items as “My Baby Specializes,” “Everybody Loves a Winner,” “Things Get Better,” and Bonnie’s knockout feature, “Piece of My Heart.”

Now resequenced and expanded to 16 selections, Home is where the heart is for any and all fans of savory Southern soul.

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