I Can't Lose With The Stuff I Use

Lester Williams

I Cant Lose With The Stuff I Use
  • CAT # SPCD-7037-25

    1. I Can't Lose With The Stuff I Use 2:10
    2. My Home Ain't Here 3:04
    3. Crawlin' Blues 2:50
    4. Lonely Heart Blues 2:49
    5. When I Miss Her Most 3:10
    6. Trying To Forget 2:57
    7. Let Me Tell You A Thing Or Two 2:22
    8. Lost Gal 2:06
    9. Sweet Lovin' Daddy 2:38
    10. Disgusted Blues 2:59
    11. Don't Leave Me Baby 2:03
    12. When I Miss Her Most 3:10
    13. Brand New Baby 2:17
    14. If You Knew How Much I Loved You 2:16
    15. Balling Blues 2:52
    16. Lonely Heart Blues (Alternate) 2:49
    17. When You'r Tired Of Running 1:06
    18. Crazy 'Bout A Woman 3:14
    19. You're The Sweetest Thing 1:01
    20. 'Bout To Put You Down 2:39
    21. Going Away Baby 1:56
    22. Fooling My Heart 3:24
    23. My Time Is Running Out 2:27
    24. Life's No Bed Of Roses 1:08
    25. Waking Up Baby 2:08

"I Can't Lose with the Stuff I Use," Lester Williams's debut single for Specialty Records, made the Texas singer-guitarist a big winner on the blues circuit from New Orleans to New Mexico during the Fifties and even led to an appearance at Carnegie Hall. (The song was also covered a decade later by B.B. King.) This compact disc, the first ever of Williams's tough, T-Bone Walker-imbued music, brings together his four Specialty singles, plus 17 other tracks previously unissued in the U.S., all recorded in Houston with the bluesman's own intensely jumpin' band.

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