I Go To Pieces

Ann Armstrong

I Go To Pieces
  • CAT # OXCD3007-25

    1. Reasons For Leaving 3:59
    2. Lee's In Love 3:42
    3. Just Dance 2:45
    4. Free Ride & The Fat Lady 3:42
    5. Texas Moon 3:50
    6. Caress Me Baby 4:35
    7. Heart Full Of Ashes 4:29
    8. I Go To Pieces 4:17
    9. You Won't Call 4:31
    10. Crazy 3:16
    11. Built For Comfort 3:08
    12. River Run 4:02
    13. I Want You 5:37
    14. Love Me 4:52
    15. Listen To The Radio 3:41
    16. Gone So Far 3:11
    17. Keys To The Highway 3:27

I Go To Pieces, the debut for Ann Armstrong and Steve Hughes on HEADS UP, gained them international attention. Radio and press in the U. S. and from as far away as Poland and Hong Kong was then and remains now very favorable. I Go To Pieces landed Ann and Steve a feature on Tom Bodett's "End Of The Road Show" that aired in 145 cities.

The international talent weekly Performance wrote: "This is the kind of music you can listen to anywhere, but particularly in Texas, when you're in your car on the endless highway with no scenery around but a few city signs posting populations of 350. It's songs about the Texas moon, listening to the radio, being in love, going to pieces and wanting to escape it all on the highway."

Craig Allan of KERA expressed similar sentiments in the liner notes of I Go To Pieces, adding: "Think about an album you liked the first time you heard it and still like after years of listening. What are some of the aspects they have in common? I'll bet you could narrow it down to just three things: great singing and playing, great songwriting, and no gimmicks! Ann Armstrong and Steve Hughes have been making this sort of enduring music in Texas for years now."

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