I Know Who Holds Tomorrow

Alison Krauss & the Cox Family

I Know Who Holds Tomorrow
  • CAT # 11661-0307-2

    1. Walk Over God's Heaven 2:57
    2. Will There Be Any Stars 3:12
    3. Where No One Stands Alone 3:00
    4. Never Will Give Up 3:44
    5. Remind Me, Dear Lord 3:25
    6. I Know Who Holds Tomorrow 5:03
    7. Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven 2:47
    8. I'd Rather Have Jesus 3:17
    9. Far Side Bank Of Jordan 3:22
    10. In The Palm Of Your Hand 3:24
    11. Loves Me Like A Rock 3:03
    12. Jewels 2:56

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Just as the earlier Krauss/Cox collaboration (Everybody's Reaching Out for Someone, Rounder 0297) explored new directions in secular bluegrass, so the songs in this set broaden the horizons of bluegrass gospel. Weaving a broad tapestry that takes in all the phases and stages of gospel, Alison and the Coxes sing a batch of songs that share the same kind of beautiful, rich harmonies, creative arrangements and superb musicianship that we have come to expect from these artists.

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