I Love Being Here With You

Jeanie Bryson

I Love Being Here With You
  • CAT # 83336-25

    1. Cheek To Cheek 4:03
    2. Squeeze Me 4:53
    3. Bittersweet 5:34
    4. A Sleepin' Bee 3:54
    5. Love Dance 8:37
    6. I Feel So Smoochie 4:15
    7. You've Changed 5:13
    8. Sunshower 6:43
    9. Cloudy Morning 3:01
    10. Change Partners 4:24
    11. I Love Being Here With You 4:42

Jeanie Bryson provides a sparkling set of tunes that reveals an elegant and distinctive affinity for a variety of forms including jazz, Latin, Brazilian, pop and more. Jeanie has chosen eleven songs that reflect her wide-ranging tastes -- from standards by Irving Berlin and Harold Arlen to the contemporary artistry of Ivan Lins to sophisticated modern jazz by Kenny Barron. Jeanie is at home in every setting. Jeanie Bryson has an unmistakable vocal quality that is at once smooth, seductive and hypnotic.

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