• CAT # CCD2-2158-25

    DISC ONE  
    1. Louie Rides Again 8:38
    2. Spanish Gypsy 7:02
    3. Back Home 5:08
    4. Spacin' Home 5:34
    5. Time Check 8:19
    6. Hello Young Lovers 5:09
    7. Love Dreams 3:21
    8. Inferno 10:39
    DISC TWO  
    1. Sambandrea Swing 7:03
    2. Deliverance 8:14
    3. Concord Blues For Blue 8:23
    4. Cinderella's Waltz 5:33
    5. Where Did You Go? 6:41
    6. Explosion 12:00

One of the greatest big band and jazz drummers of all time, a pioneer of double bass drum technique, an indefatigable band leader, and a charismatic jazz educator, Louie Bellson is one of the most important drumming figures in the history of jazz. These two CDs of his signature, modern-yet-swinging brand of big band jazz 150 MPH and Dynamite make for a highly combustible combination. The result is a powerful and blistering Inferno of inspired music. Fans of creative big band jazz-as well as fans of jaw-dropping, virtuosic drumming-need look no further than this package of two of Louie Bellson's classic, Concord Jazz big band sessions.

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Louis Bellson's 1982 visit to London, one of many over the years, resulted in two albums Cool, Cool Blue (OJCCD-825-2) and this one. The… More