Introducing Memphis Willie B.

Memphis Willie B.

Introducing Memphis Willie B
  • CAT # OBCCD-573-25

    1. Brownsville Blues 2:53
    2. Country Girl Blues 2:34
    3. Highway 61 2:38
    4. Bad Girl Blues 3:12
    5. The Stuff Is Here 3:00
    6. Overseas Blues 3:08
    7. Stop Cryin' Blues 2:51
    8. Worried Man Blues 3:22
    9. Mailman Blues 3:03
    10. Every Day I Have The Blues 5:32
    11. Mattie Mae 3:01
    12. Grief Will Kill You 3:01

In 1961, folklorist Sam Charters was in Memphis looking for someone who could sing “those real, old, hard blues” when Will Shade introduced him to Willie Borum. The singer, guitarist, and harmonica player was born in Memphis and based in that city all his life, yet his raw approach to the blues betrayed a style rooted in the country. Originally inspired by such legendary bluesmen as Jim Jackson and Noah Lewis, Willie B. had given up playing professionally some years earlier, but kept his chops in shape at informal get-togethers with friends like Shade and Charlie Burse. This album, the first of Willie B.’s two for the Prestige/Bluesville label, reveals, in Charters’s words, “an intense, moving singer in the greatest blues tradition.”

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Born in Memphis, Tennessee on November 11, 1911, singer, guitarist, and harmonica player William Borum worked as a professional musician only… More