Milt Jackson Sextet

  • CAT # OJCCD-260-25

    1. Invitation 3:53
    2. Too Close For Comfort 6:44
    3. Ruby, My Dear (Take 6) 4:46
    4. Ruby, My Dear (Take 5) 5:39
    5. The Sealer 6:29
    6. Poom-A-Loom 6:52
    7. Stella By Starlight 3:40
    8. Ruby 5:49
    9. None Shall Wander (Take 8) 3:52
    10. None Shall Wander (Take 6) 3:52

A handful of contemporary jazz musicians have left such a permanent stamp on their chosen instrument that everyone else who plays it is judged through comparison with them. From the earliest days of bebop, Milt Jackson was such a standard-bearer for the melodic/percussive instrument known variously as a vibraphone, vibraharp, or just plain "vibes." Among his fellow musicians, one of the classic benchmarks of his career has been this 1962 Riverside album, which brilliantly combines structure and solo space, with strong support from such major jazz figures as Jimmy Heath, Tommy Flanagan, Kenny Dorham, and Ron Carter.

with Kenny Dorham, Jimmy Heath, Tommy Flanagan, Ron Carter, Connie Kay, Virgil Jones

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