Its About Time
  • CAT # CCD-4705-25

    1. Pork Chops And Pasta 7:16
    2. Please Send Me Someone To Love 8:23
    3. Secret Love 6:02
    4. Our Delight 6:37
    5. Yesterdays 8:07
    6. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World 5:02
    7. Rock Candy 9:17
    8. Funk Pie 6:10
    9. Black Jack 6:24

Jack McDuff and Joey DeFrancesco personify the Jazz Organ Renaissance that is sweeping the world in this incredible recording for Concord. Organists have paired up before in recording studios but never in such a historical effort.

Unlike Jack and Joey’s last double organ session which was live, this recording offered more artistic control. Concord wisely permitted Jack to put together the charts and gave Joey the bass duties to lessen the load.

This album was recorded in New York City, NY, on December 11 & 12, 1995.

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