• CAT # OJCCD-218-25

    1. I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart 5:20
    2. I'll Never Be The Same 4:45
    3. You Stepped Out Of A Dream 4:21
    4. Old Devil Moon 4:27
    5. Too Close For Comfort 4:19
    6. Body And Soul 4:30
    7. But Not For Me 4:11
    8. Tangerine 4:54

On Jaws, Davis meets up with co-leader Shirley Scott in a series of Tenor/B3 discs from 56-60. This 58 Session with George Duvivier/b and Arthur Edgehill/dr finds Davis snapping on “Too Close For Comfort,” crackling on “Old Devil Moon” and popping on “Tangerine”

like a bowl of Rice Krispies. Davis’ sound is a thrill to hear in any setting, and with a Hammond B3 it’s a marriage made in sonic heaven.

In ordinary hands, the organ-cum-tenor-sax combo is capable of playing some “make-you-feel-good” music that is eminently forgettable once it has ended. In other words, it’s great to groove on in a club or at a party but. . . . However, when the tenor saxist is Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis and the organist Shirley Scott (with George Duvivier relieving her of bass-line duties), playing rich evergreen ballads that range from “Body and Soul” to “Too Close for Comfort,” repeated listenings are in order. These are standards treated with soulful élan, and “Jaws” is one of the distinctive stylists of the tenor pipe.

with George Duvivier, Arthur Edgehill

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