Just Friends OJCCD 499 2
  • CAT # OJCCD-499-25

    1. Nature Boy 6:14
    2. How Deep Is The Ocean 4:02
    3. My Heart Belongs To Daddy 2:30
    4. I Understand 3:12
    5. Just Friends 5:11
    6. Blue Skies 5:19
    7. Until Tonight (Mauve) 4:47
    8. A Little Tutu 3:42

In 78, Sims got together with a friendly joust with trumpeter and kindred spirit Harry “Sweets” Edison for a Grade III Whitewater Raft ride through songs like “Blue Skies” and “How Deep Is The Ocean.” John Heard/b, Roger Kellaway/p and Jimmie Smith/dr provide supple support on a moody “Nature Boy” and reflective “How Deep Is The Ocean.” Loose and relaxed, like a linen summer shirt, and it fits just right!

with Roger Kellaway, John Heard, Jimmie Smith

Recorded December 18 & 20, 1978.

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