Keep on Pushing
  • CAT # 18964-0561-2

    1. Rosa Lee McFall 2:37
    2. Forgive and Forget 1:51
    3. Get Up There and Dance (Bob Wills' Stomp) 1:53
    4. Lovely, Lovely World 2:20
    5. Anywhere the Wind Blows 4:00
    6. Keep on Pushing 2:02
    7. Pretty Boy Floyd 2:32
    8. Picking at Snuffy's 2:28
    9. Going Back to Alabam' 2:12
    10. Lucky Dog 2:15
    11. Marching Through Georgia 2:35
    12. Live and Love 1:55
    13. We've Got a Good Fire Going 3:05
    14. Durang's Hornpipe 2:10

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Alan is the heartbeat of Country Gazette. The strength of his creativity underlies this entire project as it has all past Gazette endeavors. Isolate almost any moment of this recording and you're likely to find an example of juicy chord movement, rhythmic invention or a hitherto unthought-of melodic turn issuing forth from the banjo sector. Alan's right hand, forged in the crucible of Jimmy Martin's Sunny Mountain Boys, has an authority that allows him to pull off daunting licks that might not otherwise wash in a bluegrass context.' --Tony Trischka, from his liner notes

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