Keeper Of The Flame

Poncho Sanchez

Keeper Of The Flame
  • CAT # CCD2-4956-25

    DISC ONE  
    1. A Night In Tunisia 4:10
    2. Sonando 5:34
    3. The Summer Knows 4:35
    4. Con Tres Tambores Bata Un Quinto Y Un Tumbador 5:31
    5. Este Son 5:51
    6. Almendra 5:14
    7. Sueno 3:13
    8. Cal's Pals 3:55
    9. Peruchin 4:08
    DISC TWO  
    1. Ahora 4:00
    2. Bien Sabroso 4:08
    3. Nancy 4:44
    4. Keeper Of The Flame 5:44
    5. Brisa 3:40
    6. Sin Timbal 4:13
    7. Una Mas 4:14
    8. Half And Half 3:22
    9. Ican 6:01

The very first two recordings that master conguero PONCHO SANCHEZ made for the Concord Picante label are now brought together in one specially priced package. These are the recordings - Sonando (recorded in 1982) and Bien Sabroso! (recorded in 1983) - that heralded the arrival of a new master in Latin jazz. And indeed, since the release of these two now-classic '80s recordings to the present day, PONCHO SANCHEZ has consistently proven himself the Keeper of the Flame and the heir to the thrones of such Latin jazz icons as Cal Tjader, Mongo Santamaria and Tito Puente.

FEATURING: PONCHO SANCHEZ, congas percussion, backing vocals; Ramon Banda, timbales, drums; Tony Banda, bass, backing vocals; Luis Conte, bongos, bat‡, percussion backing vocals (disc one only); Gary Foster, saxophone, flute (disc one only); José Perico Hernandez, vocals (disc one only); Steven Huffsteter, trumpet, flugelhorn; Mark Levine, trombone; Dick Mitchell, saxophone, flute; Charlie Otwell, piano; David Romero, bongos (disc two only)

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