La Cucaracha


La Cucaracha
  • CAT # 11661-9077-2

    1. Fiesta 2:13
    2. Blue Balloon 3:51
    3. Friends 4:06
    4. Object 2:36
    5. Learnin' to Love 2:24
    6. With My Own Bare Hands 2:45
    7. The Fruit Man 4:00
    8. Spirit Walker 3:21
    9. Shamemaker 2:38
    10. Sweetheart 3:15
    11. Lullaby 3:20
    12. Woman and Man 10:48
    13. Your Party 4:08

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For the past 20 years, Ween has established itself as a major artistic force, combining off-the-wall musical antics with brilliantly creative songwriting. La Cucaracha, Ween's new studio record, is an eclectic, dark, humorous, and bizarre assortment of songs. In other words, it's a typical Ween record. These thirteen tracks can be at once joyful, morbid, humorous, and often frightening. From the tenderly introspective 'Lullaby' to the disturbingly offensive 'My Own Bare Hands,' Ween pulls no punches in its latest endeavor, which achieves its power through sharp wit, clever songwriting, and brutal honesty.

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