Las Cigarras Son Quizá Sordas

Jorge Pardo

Las Cigarras Son Quiz Sordas
  • CAT # MCD-9206-25

    1. Eterno 1:23
    2. Mi Sueno 4:39
    3. Donna Lee 2:24
    4. Atardece En El Patio 6:03
    5. Nardis 5:29
    6. Entre Tinieblas 5:48
    7. Blue In Green 4:36
    8. De San Jose A Mojacar 6:21
    9. La Cigarra 5:37

Through his solo work and as a longtime member of the Paco de Lucía Group, saxophonist and flute player Jorge Pardo has been recognized as a vital part of the “new flamenco” movement in Spain, as well as a leading practitioner of jazz “con feeling Latino.” On Las Cigarras Son Quizá Sordas (“Perhaps the cicadas are deaf”), his fourth and finest record, Pardo creates a warm and extroverted sound in a common language between flamenco and jazz, ably assisted by some of his talented peers.

with Antonio Carmona, El Bola, Gerardo Núñez, Carles Benavent, Jesús Pardo, El Potito, Rubém Dantas, Tino Di Geraldo

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