Lazy Afternoon

Regina Belle

Lazy Afternoon
  • CAT # PKD-8524-25

    1. Lazy Afternoon 5:19
    2. Fly Me To The Moon 5:22
    3. What Are You Afraid Of? 4:47
    4. If I Ruled The World 4:34
    5. Corcovado 5:54
    6. There's A Love 4:03
    7. Why Do People Fall In Love 4:51
    8. For The Love Of You 5:24
    9. If I Should Lose You 4:32
    10. Moanin' 5:49
    11. The Man I Love 5:17
    12. Try A Little Tenderness 6:13
    13. Lazy Afternoon (Remix - Bonus Track) 5:30

One of the premier R&B vocalists of our time, Grammy® Award-winner Regina Belle is back with an album showcasing her incredible voice with classic, elegant and timeless songs. Lazy Afternoon, produced by George Duke, captures another side of Regina Belle as she demonstrates her sensuality and her soulfulness on songs like “Fly Me To The Moon,” “If I Ruled The World” and “Try A Little Tenderness.” Timeless standards and classic R&B soul…enjoy a Lazy Afternoon with Regina Belle.

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This Is Regina! GRAMMY® Award winner and the "Princess of Soul," Regina Belle is back with an incredibly crafted album of heartfelt… More