Legends Of Acid Jazz

Melvin Sparks

Legends Of Acid Jazz PRCD 24171 2
  • CAT # PRCD-24171-25

    1. Thank You Falenttin' Me Be Mice Elf 8:08
    2. I Didn't Know What Time It Was 4:40
    3. Charlie Brown 5:55
    4. The Stinker 7:00
    5. Spill The Wine 11:05
    6. Who's Gonna Take The Weight 9:21
    7. Spark Plug 8:50
    8. Conjunction Mars 8:05
    9. Alone Together 5:51
    10. Dig Dis 6:45

A spark plug of countless soul-jazz recording dates, Melvin Sparks helped lay the foundation for the acid-jazz movement with a biting guitar attack that combined the complexities of jazz with the directness of the blues. In his mid-twenties at the time he cut these two classic albums--his first as a leader--the Houston-born musician also had his ears plugged into the street, as his sizzling treatments of tunes by Sly and the Family Stone, Eric Burdon and War, and Kool and the Gang so brilliantly demonstrate. Contributing extra jolts of funk to the proceedings are such stellar players as organist Leon Spencer, drummer Idris Muhammad, and tenor saxophonist Grover Washington, Jr.

with Virgil Jones, John Manning, Houston Person, Grover Washington, Jr., Leon Spencer, Reggie Roberts, Idris Muhammad

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