Legends Of Acid Jazz

Don Patterson & Booker Ervin

Legends Of Acid Jazz PRCD 24178 2
  • CAT # PRCD-24178-25

    1. S'Bout Time 10:10
    2. Up In Betty's Room 5:13
    3. Oleo 3:50
    4. When Johnny Comes Marching Home 10:56
    5. The Good Life 10:00
    6. Hip Cake Walk 16:31
    7. Love Me With All Your Heart 6:25

Three simmering dates from the mid-Sixties are the basis of the Don Patterson, Booker Ervin entry in Prestige's ambitious Legends of Acid Jazz series. They reintroduce the work of Patterson, a thinking person's jazz organist known for his swing and precision. That they also feature the work of legendary Texas tenor modernist Ervin is a bonus. Listen to how these players stoke the groove on Patterson's slinky "S'bout Time" and "Hip Cake Walk," how they updated the hoary "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" with their modern, unorthodox palette. A patient player, Patterson was particularly convincing on ballads. But he and Ervin could jump, too. Longtime fans of the long, melodic groove will revel in this rediscovery. And people who never heard these players will marvel at how contemporary they sound. This is music for groove junkies who like to think as well as dance.

with Leonard Houston, Billy James

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