Lester Young In Washington, D.C., 1956, Vol. 4

Lester Young

Lester Young In Washington DC 1956 Vol 4
  • CAT # OJCCD-963-25

    1. Talk Of The Town 3:04
    2. I Cover The Waterfront 3:55
    3. Pennies From Heaven 6:22
    4. G's, If You Please 6:43
    5. Almost Like Being In Love 4:49
    6. I'm Confessin' That I Love You 3:45
    7. D.B. Blues 5:10

This is the final volume capturing Lester Young at work during a felicitious week in a Washington, D.C. club with a young rhythm section who thought they had died and gone to heaven. Bill Potts and his trio were in awe of the great tenor saxophonist, but they did not let their adulation numb their abilities. They gave Pres what he seldom got from latter-day rhythm sections--big ears and good taste. He responded with some of the best playing of his final years. The repertoire was standard fare from Lester's book, with a reprise performance of "Almost Like Being in Love," a song of which he had grown fond. "D.B. Blues," his famous blues-with-bridge from 1944, caps a group of performances that put to the lie the notion that Pres in the Fifties was anything other than a great artist.

with Bill Potts, Norman Williams, Jim Lucht

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