Letter From Home

Eddie Jefferson

Letter From Home
  • CAT # OJCCD-307-25

    1. Letter From Home 2:59
    2. Take The "A" Train 3:08
    3. Billie's Bounce (Take 4) 3:12
    4. Billie's Bounce (Take 3) 3:12
    5. I Cover The Waterfront (Back In Town) 3:55
    6. Soft And Furry 2:49
    7. A Night In Tunisia 3:51
    8. Things Are Getting Better 3:08
    9. Keep Walkin' (Take 4) 2:57
    10. Keep Walkin' (Take 1) 2:57
    11. Body And Soul (I Feel So Good) 4:29
    12. Parker's Mood (Bless My Soul) 3:25

This was Jefferson's only recording for Riverside, but its three sessions gave him perhaps the strongest opportunity in his career to immerse himself in a large and thoroughly top-of-the-line jazz setting. All ten selections were arranged by Ernie Wilkins; six were accompanied by the ten-piece band involving trumpeters Clark Terry and Joe Newman, saxophonists Johnny Griffin and James Moody, and Wynton Kelly or Joe Zawinul on piano. Four others were backed by a quintet that included Griffin, pianist Junior Mance, and Sam Jones on bass. More than half the tunes have original lyrics by the singer--in all, a rare occasion for self-expression by one of the most original of jazz artists.

with Clark Terry, Ernie Royal, Jimmy Cleveland, James Moody, Johnny Griffin, Joe Zawinul, Sam Jones, Wynton Kelly, and others

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