Live 11661 7048 2
  • CAT # 11661-7048-2

    DISC ONE  
    1. The Farewell: The Golden Tooth / The Farewell March / Charlie Hardie's Reel / Frank Gilruth Reel / M 7:46
    2. The Fairy Dance: The Ferry Bridge Clog / A Salute to Angus Chisholm / The Maid of Castlebar ETC. 5:05
    3. Torna a Surriento / Reel for Brenda / The Flamenco Fling 5:31
    4. Bog an Lochan Steps / Prince Charlie's Reel / Gabe Arsenault / Grant's Reel 3:05
    5. Blue Bonnets 4:36
    6. Welcome to the Trossachs / Memories of Winston / Highlander's Farewell / The Gravel Walk ETC. 7:08
    7. David's Jig 4:26
    8. Tullochgorum: Coilsfield House / Mary Scott / Tullochgorum ETC. 9:56
    9. The A Medley: Memories of Paddy LeBlanc / Sandy Cameron Strathspey ETC. 9:55
    10. The Encore: Last Night's Fun / Lord Seaforth's Reel / A Winston Jig / The Olympic Reel 6:22
    DISC TWO  
    1. Natalie's Intro
    2. Opening Figure: The Knights of St. Patrick / Jerry's Beaver Hat / The Montana Jig / Paddy O'Rafferty 3:56
    3. Second Figure: The Two Mile Bridge / The Champion Jig / Little Jack's Jig / Jackson's Fancy 4:44
    4. Lively Steps: Master McDermott's / Lord Gordon's Reel ETC. 8:26
    5. Jerry Tunes: The Humors of Castle Corner / The Stonehouse Jig / Malcolm's New Fiddle 3:11
    6. Pipe Jigs: Scotty Fitzgerald's Jig / The Piper's Whim / A Donald Angus Gem / The Weaver and His Wife 3:49
    7. Grand Promenade: Lady Gordon of Gordonstown / The Fife Hunt ETC. 7:44
    8. The Stepdancers Queue: The Old Kings Strathspey / Lochiel's Awa' to France ETC. 7:07
    9. ...One Good Holler: Mouth of the Tobique / The Night We Had the Goats / The Gravel Walk 2:30

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First to the concert, then off to the dance! Grammy nominee Natalie MacMaster's first live album shows two sides of her dynamic musical personality. The first disc presents a concert with her six-piece band: Natalie's myriad musical influences, not to mention her stepdancing and virtuoso fiddle playing, coalesce in a high-energy set that takes her Cape Breton roots into the realm of world music. The second disc presents Natalie at a traditional square dance, in which her fiddle is accompanied only by guitar and piano (along with the stomps and hoots of the dancers). This album shows why Natalie MacMaster is among the most exciting and passionate roots-based artists performing today.

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