Live At The Fillmore


Live At The Fillmore
  • CAT # CCD2-2298-25

    DISC ONE  
    1. Dos Cosas Ciertas 3:50
    2. Believe 6:40
    3. (Who Discovered) America? 4:12
    4. Eva 5:00
    5. Saturday Night 4:17
    6. Cuando Canto 5:15
    7. Chango 4:47
    8. Love And Hope 4:58
    9. Como Ves 2:46
    10. La Misma Cancion 7:55
    DISC TWO  
    1. Intro 2:57
    2. Dos Cosas Ciertas 3:03
    3. Believe 6:52
    4. (Who Discovered) America? 4:14
    5. Street Signs 4:33
    6. Elevation; Coming Up Part 2 7:58
    7. Cumbia De Los Muertos 7:56
    8. Saturday Night 4:21
    9. Cuando Canto 6:14
    10. Esa Morena 6:01
    11. Love And Hope 4:24
    12. Dejame En Paz 4:12
    13. La Misma Cancion 4:38
    14. End Samba 8:23

Whenever and wherever the funky, multicultural Ozomatli plays, it’s a party. Such was especially the case in their electrifying live performance at San Francisco’s legendary The Fillmore. Fortunately—for the current as well as the future legions of Ozo fans—both the audio and video of this awe-inspiring concert was recorded. Featuring one Ozo hit after another, everyone’s invited to join in the celebration with this two-disc (CD and DVD) release capturing the tireless, Grammy Award-winning Ozomalti in full fiesta mode.

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