Live! In Chicago

Gene Ammons

Live In Chicago
  • CAT # OJCCD-395-2

    1. Scrapple From The Apple 4:59
    2. Falling In Love With Love 2:56
    3. Please Send Me Someone To Love 4:59
    4. Sweet Georgia Brown 3:21
    5. It Could Happen To You 6:02
    6. Foot Tappin' 6:42
    7. P.m.-a.m. (p.k.a. Jug's Blue Blues) 5:30
    8. Fast Track 3:58
    9. C-jam Blues 4:12
    10. But Not For Me 7:00

This is how many of Gene Ammons's most dedicated fans remember him, in an unpretentious club with an organist and a drummer, burning with a swing that few tenor saxophonists have been able to equal. At home on the south side of Chicago, with an audience that was fully attuned to what he represented in jazz, Ammons here demonstrated why many listeners considered him the major practitioner of blues-oriented, big-toned soul tenor. The organist is Eddie Buster, little known elsewhere but a favorite of Chicagoans who like the emotional content of their music pushed to the fore, with all the stops out.

Scrapple from the Apple, Falling in Love with Love, Please Send Me Someone to Love, Sweet Georgia Brown, It Could Happen to You, Foot Tappin', Jug's Blue Blues, Fast Track, plus CD bonus tracks C-Jam Blues, But Not for Me

with Eddie Buster, Gerald Donovan

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