Living Proof


Living Proof
  • CAT # FCD-79010-25

    1. Grateful/you Make Me Feel…/dance (disco Heat)
    2. Body Strong 3:21
    3. Blackbird 4:52
    4. Could It Be Magic/a Song For You
    5. Happiness 3:59
    6. Lover Man (oh, Where Can You Be?) 3:28
    7. Sharing Something Perfect Between O 6:57
    8. You Are My Friend [Live] 8:09
    9. Dance (Disco Heat) 8:07
    10. You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) 6:17

with Eric Robinson, Michael Finden, Patrick Cowley, Tip Wirrick, Bob Kingston, Kelvin Dixon, David Frazier, Gus Anthony Flores, Two Tons o' Fun (Martha Wash & Izora Rhodes), Jeanie Tracy, Sharon Hymes

Recorded March 1979.

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