Lone Ranger
  • CAT # FCD-24741-25

    1. If I Had The Power 4:40
    2. You've Got A Hard Head 4:29
    3. Lovin' You 4:15
    4. It's All About You 3:59
    5. You're The Sweetest Thing I've... 3:57
    6. I Get A Feelin' 3:40
    7. Why Don't You Treat Me Like I'm Your Man 2:55
    8. You Bring Love 3:49
    9. You Stole My Heart 3:28
    10. I Don't Want To Be A Lone Ranger 3:28
    11. Your New Love Is A Player 3:44
    12. Trippin' 3:05
    13. Lonely Man's Prayer 2:56
    14. You Make My Heart Want To Sing 2:50
    15. It's Way Too Late 3:30
    16. Love Is Sweet Misery 3:20
    17. You Can Stay But The Noise Must Go 3:54
    18. Strong Vibrations 4:23

A major influence on such diverse artists as Frank Zappa, Etta James, and Jimi Hendrix, singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Johnny “Guitar” Watson began his career as a bluesman in the T-Bone Walker/Gatemouth Brown tradition. Yet he refused to stand still artistically and followed his creative muse into the soul, jazz, and funk realms albeit with blues at their core. All of those elements can be heard on these two brilliant mid-Seventies albums, on which Watson’s deeply soulful vocals and incisive guitar picking are matched by the hipster wisdom and sardonic wit of his original compositions. Included are the hits “Why Don’t You Treat Me Like I’m Your Man,” “It’s Way Too Late,” and “I Don’t Want to Be a Lone Ranger.”

with Gabriel Fleming, Jimmy Reed, Larry Wilson, Henry "Hank" Redd, Rudy Copeland, Andre Lewis, Emory Thomas, Maxayn

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