Lonely And Blue

Etta Jones

Lonely And Blue
  • CAT # OJCCD-702-25

    1. And I'll Be There 2:50
    2. In The Dark 2:51
    3. Out In The Cold Again 3:13
    4. I'm Pulling Through 3:34
    5. Gentleman Friend 2:17
    6. I Wonder 3:18
    7. You Don't Know My Mind Blues 3:48
    8. Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You 3:11
    9. Good-for-nothin' Joe 3:46
    10. I Miss You So 3:22
    11. Trav'lin' Light 3:43
    12. But Not For Me 7:00
    13. If You're But A Dream 4:20
    14. Cool Cool Daddy 4:50

For the last decade or so of her life, Etta Jones (1928-2001) was able to finally sustain the deserved popularity she attracted briefly with her series of Prestige albums in the early Sixties. Her voice was more youthful then, although she displayed enough seasoning to carry off a program heavily laced with torch songs; and the influence of Billie Holiday was more overt, particularly when she chose such Lady Day gems as "I'm Pulling Through" and "Travelin' Light." The supporting band features underrated pianist Patti Bown, who was working with Quincy Jones's big band at the time, plus Budd Johnson's tenor on several tracks.

with Patti Bown, Wally Richardson, George Duvivier, Art Davis, Budd Johnson, Ed Shaugnessy

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