Look Ahead

Gerald Veasley

Look Ahead
  • CAT # OXCD3016-25

    1. Fanfare 5:13
    2. Fly Spy 5:20
    3. Six P.M. 4:53
    4. Country Preacher 4:20
    5. Just A Word 5:24
    6. Prayer I 6:10
    7. Alegria (Joy) 3:43
    8. Heaven In Your Eyes 4:30
    9. Sweet Mary 4:51
    10. Shango 4:18
    11. Fool's Lullaby 5:51
    12. The Dream 5:39
    13. Prayer II 1:56

After making stunning contributions to nearly 20 albums over the past ten years, bassist Gerald Veasley finally presents his unique musical vision on Look Ahead, the first recording released under his own name.

For Look Ahead, many of the artists with whom Veasley has worked throughout the past decade were eager to reciprocate by making appearances on the bassist's auspicious debut:

•The Zawinul Syndicate shows up on the soulful "Country Preacher."
•Violinist John Blake contributes to "Shango."
•Grover Washington, Jr. appears on both "Fly Spy" and "Fool's Lullaby."

In addition, some of the finest contemporary jazz musicians on the scene today are featured here, including saxist Kenny Blake, keyboardist Onaje Allan Gumbs, and drummer Omar Hakim.

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