Look Out - Phineas Is Back!

Phineas Newborn, Jr. Trio

Look Out Phineas Is Back
  • CAT # OJCCD-866-25

    1. Salt Peanuts 6:07
    2. The Man I Love 7:21
    3. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life 3:53
    4. Abbers Song 4:19
    5. Tamarind Blues 5:26
    6. A Night In Tunisia 3:27
    7. Sometimes I'm Happy 3:53
    8. Donald's Dream 2:59
    9. Just In Time 9:49

With his technique, harmonic mastery, rhythmic displacements, and brilliant tone, Phineas Newborn was a jazz piano phenomenon. He was most active in the 1950s--illnesses and an injury interrupted his career--but had periods of concert, club, and recording activity in the 1960s and again in the ’70s. On nearly all such occasions, his bassist and a bulwark of personal support was the veteran Ray Brown. Here, the pianist is joined by Brown and drummer Jimmie Smith for a typical set of Newborn virtuoso performances. Virtuosity, however, was only the wrapping on the Newborn package. His blues playing had extraordinary depth. He had the ability to develop harmonic richness, rhythmic variety, and surprise in the most familiar tunes. Case in point: two fascinating approaches to the “I Got Rhythm” changes in “Salt Peanuts” and “Abbers Song.”

with Ray Brown, Jimmie Smith

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In his first two Contemporary albums, Phineas Newborn (1931-89) had broken down a lot of the resistance from people who felt he was too technical… More