Looking Ahead

Ken Mclntyre

Looking Ahead
  • CAT # OJCCD-252-2

    1. Lautir 4:04
    2. Curtsy 5:52
    3. Geo's Tune 7:13
    4. They All Laughed 5:08
    5. Head Shakin' 10:46
    6. Dianna 9:07

Ken McIntyre came up after Ornette Coleman and Eric Dolphy but before the large influx of avant-gardists in the mid-and late-Sixties. His phrasing was immediately recognizable as his own, heightened by a very personal, vocal sound. This album with Dolphy is a contrast between two players who, despite a similar outlook, were working on new ideas, each in his own way. They convene on five McIntyre originals and a Gershwin standard, backed by a rhythm section from the ranks of bebop.

with Walter Bishop, Jr., Sam Jones, Arthur Taylor

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Like his friend Eric Dolphy, with whom he would record a month after this session, Makanda Ken McIntyre (1931-2001) was a masterful multi-reedman… More