Love Is About To Start

L. J. Reynolds

Love Is About To Start
  • CAT # VCD-3411-25

    1. Didn't Mean To Hurt U 5:35
    2. Superlady 3:44
    3. Silly 3:54
    4. Don't Go There
    5. Key To The World
    6. Love Is About To Start
    7. Nobody But You 4:20
    8. Down On My Luck 3:45
    9. Everything Is You 5:29

with the Dramatics, Paul Allen, Al Ayoub, Curtiss Boone, Everett Boone, David Brandon, Buster, Vernon Fails, Sandra Fever, Amp Fiddler, Scott Graham, John Hoesly, Leroy Hyder, James Jamerson, Jr., Raymond Johnson, Leon Kinchelow, Dewayne Lomax, David Miles, Mario Castro Neves, Michael J. Powell, Carl Robinson, Carl “Butch” Small, the Vine Street Horns, David William Wooten

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