Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz Radio Broadcast With John Medeski

John Medeski

Marian McPartlands Piano Jazz Radio Broadcast With TJA 12047 2
  • CAT # TJA-12047-25

    1. Conversation 4:02
    2. Ba-Lue Bolivar Ba-Lues-Are 2:52
    3. Conversation 3:25
    4. Out Of This World 4:24
    5. Conversation 2:57
    6. Bemsha Swing 3:19
    7. Conversation 2:25
    8. Threnody 3:54
    9. Conversation 4:11
    10. Caravan 5:40
    11. Conversation 2:32
    12. Otis 4:13
    13. Conversation 1:47
    14. Free Piece 1:34
    15. Conversation 2:06
    16. Bubble House 3:23

The first name in Medeski Martin & Wood, John Medeski has established himself as one of the most prominent keyboardists in music today, forging an inclusive style of music that crosses musical genres as naturally as it crosses generations. In this program from Marian McPartland’s Peabody Award-winning Piano Jazz radio show—now available on compact disc for the first time—Medeski and McPartland are captured in engaging conversations regarding the origins and evolution of super jam band Medeski Martin & Wood, Medeski’s favorite keyboard instruments, the development of his piano technique, and the profound influence that jazz icons Thelonious Monk, Art Tatum, and Duke Ellington have had on his music. But it’s not all talk. McPartland and Medeski get down to business with inspired, live-in-the-studio piano performances of compositions by Thelonious Monk, Harold Arlen, McPartland, Medeski, and Medeski Martin & Wood.

Featuring: John Medeski: piano; Marian McPartland: piano; with Gary Mazzaroppi: bass.

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