Modern Jazz Classics

Art Pepper + Eleven

Modern Jazz Classics
  • CAT # CSA-7568-6

    1. Move 3:27
    2. Groovin' High 3:26
    3. Opus De Funk 3:13
    4. 'Round Midnight 3:37
    5. Four Brothers 3:02
    6. Shaw 'Nuff 2:58
    7. Bernie's Tune 2:45
    8. Walkin' Shoes 3:31
    9. Anthropology 3:22
    10. Airegin 3:04
    11. Walkin' (Original Take) 5:16
    12. Walkin' (Alternate Take 1) 12:00
    13. Walkin' (Alternate Take 2) 12:00
    14. Donna Lee (Original Take) 3:23
    15. Donna Lee (Alternate Take) 5:37

This album and the earlier Art Pepper Meets the Rhythm Section are surely the two most important sessions in Pepper's entire recording career. Even though Art had recorded in many big bands, this was the first time he did so as a leader, and every musician in town wanted to be involved. Marty Paich, chosen as arranger, was someone he'd already played with and felt comfortable with. Reflecting later on the date, which went like a dream, Art remarked that he had both chafed at and embraced the constraints a tightly-arranged big band placed on him as a soloist.

with Pete Candoli, Jack Sheldon, Dick Nash, Bob Enevoldsen, Vince de Rosa, Herb Geller, Bill Perkins, Med Flory, Russ Freeman, Joe Mondragon, Mel Lewis, Al Porcino, Bud Shank, Charlie Kennedy, Richie Kamuca

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