Mongo At The Village Gate

Mongo Santamaria

Mongo At The Village Gate
  • CAT # OJCCD-490-25

    1. Introduction By 'Symphony Sid'
    2. El Toro 6:02
    3. Fatback 5:42
    4. Mongo's Groove 2:52
    5. Creole 2:17
    6. The Jungle Bit 6:18
    7. My Sound 2:49
    8. The Morning After 6:35
    9. Nothing For Nothing 6:30
    10. Para Ti 6:02

Early in 1963, Mongo Santamaria accomplished something that even then was a rarity in the world of American pop music. His band's instrumental single reached the magic inner circle: the Top Ten on Billboard Magazine's official best-seller chart. That song was "Watermelon Man," which you won't find on this album. But what you will find here is nine other examples of the distinctive blend of jazz, funk, and Latin music that Mongo had created; brought vividly to public attention by his hit single, it made him a headliner and provided a musical role model for countless jazz and rock groups in years to come. This album, recorded in the fall of '63 at a celebrated New York jazz club, captures all the excitement and audience appeal of the unique Santamaria style.

with Marty Sheller, Pat Patrick, Bobby Capers, Rodgers Grant, Victor Venegas, Frank Hernandez, "Chihuahua" Martinez, Julian Cabrera

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