¡Muevete! (Move It!)

Flor de Caña

Muevete Move It
  • CAT # 18964-0463-2

    1. Banana 2:57
    2. ¡Muevete! (Move It!) 5:07
    3. Macondo 3:24
    4. El Sombrero Azul (The Blue Hat) 4:09
    5. Un Gigante Que Despierta Es La Costa (The Coast Is An Awakening Giant) 5:03
    6. Si Buscabas (If You Were Looking) 2:45
    7. Poco A Poco (Little By Little) 2:53
    8. Mora Limpia (The Clear Path) 2:47
    9. El Arriero (The Cowhand) 4:25
    10. Alla Viene Un Corazon (Here Comes A Heart) 4:36
    11. Dulio, Cleo and Sonia 4:38

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This collection of songs comes from Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela, Peru, Argentina and the United States was issued in 1988. The seven-piece Flor de Caña includes Brian and Rosi Amador who would go on to form Sol y Canto. Includes bi-lingual lyric translations.

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