Dewey Redman

Musics MP3
  • CAT # OJCCD-1860-25

    1. Need To Be 10:15
    2. (The) Virgin Strike (March) 5:37
    3. Alone Again (Naturally) 6:25
    4. Unknown Tongue 9:08
    5. One Beautiful Day 5:38
    6. Daystar Nightlight 6:05

When Dewey Redman recorded Musics, he was splitting his time between Old and New Dreams and the present quartet. This band had completed a lengthy European tour shortly before the session, and was intimately acquainted with all of Redman's diverse material. Given the inclusion of a samba, a march, an unexpected and highly effective pop cover, an exotic musette feature with an Afro-Cuban interlude recalling Dizzy Gillespie, a fantasia for autoharp that would do Sun Ra proud, and a haunting original ballad, the well-named album takes on a distinctive "world" flavor years before the concept gained popularity. The leader, plus stalwarts Mark Helias and Eddie Moore, deliver consistently strong playing throughout.

with Fred Simmons, Mark Helias, Eddie Moore

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