My Shining Hour

Howard Alden

My Shining Hour
  • CAT # CCD-4841-25

    1. My Shining Hour 3:56
    2. All Too Soon 5:45
    3. Sweet Substitute 3:59
    4. Unfaithful Woman 1:49
    5. E Is For Emment 1:21
    6. Blood Count 3:48
    7. I Wrote It For Jo 3:59
    8. Girl From Ipanema 5:13
    9. Isn't It A Pity 4:17
    10. Gone With The Wind 4:54
    11. Soul Eyes 4:24
    12. Chega De Saudade (No More Blues) 4:48
    13. Crazy She Calls Me 2:02

In a newly-recorded collection of standards-plus two songs composed specifically for Woody Allen's Sweet and Lowdown, the film in which Howard Alden played all of the demanding guitar solos mimed by actor Sean Penn-Howard Alden is back with a stunning album of solo guitar performances. Playing both electric and acoustic archtop 7-string guitars, Alden's multifaceted musical artistry and masterful technical command of the 7-string guitar are both on full display in this masterpiece recording, making My Shining Hour arguably Howard Alden's finest hour. "Howard Alden belongs to a small, elite group of the very best jazz guitarists in the world. Quality as a player and person makes him one of the most sought after musicians in the business. His repertoire and memory is a source of amazement to all musicians that have worked with him…Howard’s versatility is exemplified in this recording." –Guitar legend Johnny Smith

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Howard Alden, "the most impressive and creative member of a new generation of jazz guitarists," [Newark Star Ledger] partners… More


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