Never Grow Up
  • CAT # 18964-0671-2

    1. Kitty Alone 3:19
    2. Now He's Sorry That He Spoke 1:59
    3. The Thinnest Man / Alice 3:08
    4. Froggy Went a-Courting 5:25
    5. Hudson River Steamboat 2:30
    6. Wait 'Til the Clouds Roll By 2:59
    7. Chickens They're a-Crowin' 2:19
    8. The Dummy Line 5:24
    9. Where Did You Get That Hat? 3:54
    10. The Colorado Trail 3:37
    11. Hopalong Peter 2:51
    12. Master of the Sheepfold 3:45
    13. I've Got Rings on My Fingers 2:53
    14. Old Blue 2:56
    15. Watch the Stars / At the Gates of Heaven 3:16

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Start with two of the finest voices and most skillful songfinders on the folk music scene today . . . add in a score of friends . . . snatch 15 classics from the corners of the traditional music hope chest and dress them up with imaginative arrangements that have feet planted in both this and the last century, and you've got the exceptional recording that you're holding in your hand right now. With this follow-up to their critically acclaimed song swap Never Grow Old (Flying Fish 638, 1994), Anne and Cindy and a living room full of new and old friends have once again put the folk back into folk music, this time with a set of traditional and public domain songs aimed at kids of all ages. So, what are you waiting for?' --Mark D. Moss, Editor, Sing Out! 1998 Parent's Choice Recommended Seal

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