No Place Like Soul


No Place Like Soul
  • CAT # STXCD-30042-25

    1. Waterfall 3:59
    2. Don't Tell Me 3:52
    3. Mary 4:21
    4. Comfort 4:01
    5. Callin' 4:07
    6. Outrage 3:47
    7. Morning Light 3:41
    8. Never Know 4:20
    9. Yeah Yeah 4:24
    10. If This World Was A Song 4:19
    11. One Of Those Days 4:05
    12. Bubble 4:11
    13. Kim 4:47

The preeminent groove machine Soulive is back with this thoughtful nod to funk, soul, rock, hip-hop, reggae and old-school R&B… and some of their sharpest, most mature songwriting to date. No Place Like Soul also introduces fans to singer Toussaint, the astounding vocalist who has joined the band permanently to push their music in a less improvised, more song-based direction.

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