Nobody But You

John Hammond

Nobody But You
  • CAT # 18964-0502-2

    1. Ride Till I Die 3:37
    2. Sail On 4:36
    3. Diddly Daddy 4:05
    4. Memphis Town 3:26
    5. Lost Lover Blues 3:06
    6. Nobody But You 1:52
    7. Papa Wants A Cookie 2:27
    8. If I Get Lucky 3:49
    9. Move On Up The Line 2:35
    10. Killing Me On My Feet 4:07
    11. Mother In Law Blues 3:03

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On this 1987 album John Hammond is joined by a full-fledged blues band including Bucky Berger, drums; Paul James, electric guitar, back up and scat vocals; Gene Taylor, piano, back-up vocals; producer Ken Whitely, mandolin, percussion, piano, string bass, guitar, tenor banjo, back up vocals and Terry Wilkins, bass.

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