Nocturne MP3
  • CAT # OJCCD-1795-25

    1. Nocturne 3:46
    2. Bob's Blues 5:31
    3. Man With A Horn 6:08
    4. Early Morning 4:48
    5. In A Sentimental Mood 6:15
    6. Azure'Te 5:42
    7. Time After Time 7:24

Nocturne was Oliver Nelson's third album following his national debut as a soloist, composer, and arranger. Like the previous two, it was the product of a mind that combined academic brilliance with visceral understanding of jazz values. Nelson displayed, in his solos and his writing, discipline and logic that would do credit to a master architect. And like a great architect, he knew how beauty and substance could complement form. With the potent rhythm section of Richard Wyands, George Duvivier, and Roy Haynes, Nelson and the late vibraharpist Lem Winchester explore four standards and three of Nelson's compositions.

with Richard Wyands, George Duvivier, Roy Haynes

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