• CAT # CCD-4806-25

    1. Now 9:10
    2. Grace 8:55
    3. Out Of The Mouths Of Babes 6:16
    4. Hope 6:03
    5. Labor Day 9:30
    6. Espresso 8:59
    7. Forgotten But Not Gone 7:40
    8. Search For Peace 5:26
    9. Giant Steps 4:31
    10. Miya 3:51

"Now, Patitucci - a bassist forever associated with Chick Corea's electric successes - is thinking more clearly than ever about John Coltrane and Ornette Coleman as he creates his own music. Now, he's keeping company with longtime friends like Michael Brecker, and reveling in the opportunities New York offers to hook up with great drummers (Paul Motion played on Patitucci's last outing; Bill Stewart's heard here). Now, John Patitucci hears music filled with space and flowing forth in clear, compelling lines - as carried often on this recording by saxophonist Chris Potter, whose fluid tone is a fixture in Patitucci's recent bonds, and by guitarist John Scofield, whose palette of timbres and effects stand like road signs to the current landscapes of jazz and pop. Now is a recording meant as neither summary statement nor a definition of things to come. It's a musical missive in the present tense from a musician living very much in each moment.' - Larry Blumenfeld, editor-in-chief, JAZZIZ

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