One Hundred Years From Now

Dennis DeYoung

One Hundred Years From Now
  • CAT # 11661-9084-2

    1. One Hundred Years From Now 5:03
    2. This Time Next Year 3:45
    3. Rain 4:34
    4. Crossing the Rubicon 5:58
    5. Save Me 5:26
    6. I Don't Believe in Anything 4:06
    7. Private Jones 4:25
    8. I Believe in You 4:59
    9. There Was a Time 4:47
    10. Breathe Again 5:11
    11. Forgiveness 4:22
    12. Turn Off CNN 3:05

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For over four decades, Dennis DeYoung has been a singer, songwriter, keyboardist and record producer. DeYoung wrote and sang several Styx classics including 'Lady,' 'Come Sail Away,' 'Best of Times,' 'Mr. Roboto,' 'Show Me the Way,' 'Desert Moon,' 'Don't Let It End,' and 'Babe.' His singing talents have made his voice one of the most recognizable in the world. One Hundred Years From Now is his first new studio album in 6 years.

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