Open House MP3
  • CAT # MCD-47089-25

    1. Open House 4:36
    2. Cyra 5:25
    3. I Remember You 5:03
    4. Theme From Cleopatra 2:33
    5. Blues For De-De 6:57
    6. Why Was I Born? 4:41
    7. I Love You 5:51
    8. Nica's Dream 5:30
    9. Cleopatra And The African Knight 6:23
    10. Bennie's Diggin' 5:44
    11. Brake Through 4:35
    12. Eloise 3:54
    13. A Little Taste 4:34
    14. Twixt The Sheets 3:53

Johnny "Hammond" Smith (1933-1997) was one of the uncrowned kings of the organ from which he took his nickname, so as to distinguish him from guitarist Johnny Smith. In 1962-63, he recorded four LPs, all of them top-notch, for Riverside, half of which are reissued here. As on the other two albums (contained in Black Coffee--Milestone MCD-47072-2), there's a winning mix of standards and blues, hard-bop, and savory soul grooves, played by two different bands. And this set, like the earlier reissue of Riverside material, features the versatile Smith either backed by a bassist (the ever-reliable Bob Cranshaw) or providing his own bass lines with the organ's pedals. On the LP Open House Smith welcomes an all-star septet featuring a front line of trumpeter Thad Jones and tenor saxist Seldon Powell, while A Little Taste is a quartet date with trumpeter Virgil Jones, tenorist Houston Person, and the little-known but fiery drummer, Luis Taylor.

with Thad Jones, Seldon Powell, Eddie McFadden, Bob Cranshaw, Leo Stevens, Ray Barretto, Arthur Taylor, Virgil Jones, Houston Person, Luis Taylor

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