Organic Vibes

Joey DeFrancesco

Organic Vibes
  • CAT # CCD-2306-25

    1. The Tackle 8:14
    2. Little B's Poem 6:36
    3. I Thought About You 9:26
    4. Somewhere In The Night 8:35
    5. Down The Hatch 6:51
    6. Speak Low 7:56
    7. JeNeane's Dream 4:21
    8. My Foolish Heart 6:08
    9. Colleen 6:46

Organic Vibes is not just a momentous, transgenerational meeting of major soloists, it brings together the heirs apparent to the foremost modern jazz soloists on their respective instruments. Organist Joey DeFrancesco (b. 1971) is, quite simply, the most startlingly virtuosic voice on the Hammond B-3 since his idol and friend, Jimmy Smith. Bobby Hutcherson (b. 1941), who came to prominence in the 1960s, is widely considered to be most inventive vibraphonist since the late Milt Jackson set the modern standard in the mid-1940s.

On Organic Vibes, the duo is joined at various times by the titanic tenor saxophonist George Coleman and/or multi-reedman Ron Blake (another felicitous transgenerational pairing), plus the other members of DeFrancesco's current trio, guitarist Jake Langley and longtime drummer Byron Landham. Essaying a well-balanced repertoire of standards and originals, burners and ballads, and, of course, the blues, DeFrancesco, Hutcherson, and company have made an album that is sure to appeal to all generations who revere the eternal verities of jazz.

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